Turkish Heritage and Orkhon runes

Kultigin Monument
Kultigin Monument

Many of us have no idea about the Turkish origins and the fact that they had another alphabet of their own and another religion, that they shared with the Mongols. This was before Islam and proof of that can be found in Mongolia, in the Orkhon valley. The alphabet is called Turkish Runes or Gökturk-Script. It looks similar to the Nordic runes, but they are not related. The Orkhon inscriptions in Mongolia is considered almost holy to a Turk Nationalist.

Some Turks and Mongols I met during my stay in Asia and Caucasus are very proud of their native religion, Tengrism and their common myths. The first known Turkish state, as we know, was the Gökturks. They are known from Chinese sources and they ruled the steppe north of China. The Gökturk centre was the Orkhon valley.

The supreme deity was the ruler of heaven, Tengri, and he is mentioned on the Orkhon stones.  Another name for Tengri is Ülgen, but usually Ülgen is the Turkish-mongolian god of creation and not the same as Tengri. The Turkish urheimat is named Ergonikon and its location is unknown by everybody and according to the myth it is not possible to know where it is. The only one who can find the way to Ergonikon is the wolfmother Asena. Asena, according to the legend, is the mother of all Turks and it was Asena that led the Turks out of Ergonikon so that they could become free and spread all the way to Anatolia, and to modern day Turkey. 

The problem back in the days of Asena was thatt Ergonikon was surronded by a mountain of iron and to be able to break out they needed help from the blacksmith Börtecine who had to melt the iron mountain. The capital of  Ergonikon was Ötüken, but Ötüken is also the name of mother earth in ancient Turkish thought. At the same time, in real world, Ötüken was actually a geographical name of an area north of the Uigur province of Northwest China (Sinkiang).

Like all myths, there are many different versions and there are many paralells to other cultures and thats kind of enriching. Think about the wolfmother of Rome and her two sons Remus and Romulus. 

After the Gökturks came a number of different Khanates (fiefdoms) and the Khazar khanate was maybe the most important of them. Another later political entity was the  Kipchaks and the Kipchaks played an important role in what happened in Georgia and the Caucasus during the 11th and 12th century. They were often mercenaries in fighting armies, especially in the Georgian army when Georgia became a regional superpower after 1121CE. (The Georgian "Golden Age" that lasted a century). 

When one considers that the faschist nationalist Turkish organization (Bozkurtlar) uses the Asena wolf as their symbol, it may seem a bit scary with this Turkish myth. But in Scandinavia the same kind of organizations uses the Norse God Thor and the Sledgehammer in the same way! And me, beeing a sekularist, I am more proud of the Norse heritage than my Christian one! I am Scandinavian! Not from the Middle East! And importantly, I am a Socioliberal democrat. 

Bozkurtlar (Grey Wolves) are also Panturkish and they have a dream of a united "super Turkey" from Greece to China. During the heydays of the Grey Wolves, they often assasinated Communists, Armenians and anyone who opposed the nationalist Turkish idea.

The Turks came from the Central Asians steppes, not from the Middle East! And some secular Turkish socioliberals uses their old mythology as a counter measure to contemporary Erdogan and his Islamism. It is a good idea! Our cultural symbols has been kidnapped by nationalists and faschists and we have to reclaim them! I rather see a Thors hammer than a cross on my Swedish flag and some Turkish friends prefer a wolf on their flag, rather than a Muslim moon. 

One of my Turkish Anti-Erdogan friends says about Turkey that; "This is Erdoganistan and we need a new Asena and a new Börtecine that can create freedom for us again", I think he is right on! He is a Kemalist, but that is another long story related to the creation of modern day Turkey.

Gökturk Script

The organization Grey Wolves uses the Islamic moon to, as real opportunists!